Beauty that Transforms

This video shares glimpses the very first journey of Beauty that Transforms. (The journey has evolved over the years into programs and a multi-day retreat in Hawai'i - we hope you can join us for our next one!) 

Some say dance is the universal language of the soul . . . . 

For me, it was this dance, a dance of yin and yang, telling me a story about the ways of the world… a dance with two separate elements spiraling as one, that began guiding me on a path of healing . . . . and discovery.

Beauty that Transforms is a journey of calling forth a new possibility.

It is a journey of living the question, “What will it take to awaken your inner fire?"

What is it that makes you come alive?

We are all guided by some greater force. A force that lives as an inner flame in each and every one of us, seeking nothing more than to shine it’s light, and share it’s own unique dance. We are all here to be danced by that inner flame.

This is an invitation to embark on that journey.