Life Coaching with Dr. Jinju

Are you ready for a journey in awakening your inner fire?

The purpose of an ontological coaching partnership is to co-create an opening for the client to discover a new way of being without knowing what is possible. It is coupled with the request of the coach to lead us to possibilities that we otherwise cannot see. It involves getting in touch with how moods and emotions affect our choices, how our language creates our reality, and how our bodies can be powerful tools in learning and listening to ultimately shift into a new way of being.

Jinju Dasalla, PhD, embraces the power of dance, flow arts and yoga as tools for healing and transformation. As a professional life coach, performer, and flow arts instructor with a doctorate in neuroscience, Jinju offers truly unique perspectives, pioneering new paradigms for personal growth and development that harmonize science with spirituality, mind with body, and head with heart to ultimately awaken one’s inner fire and innate wisdom.

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You and Nova have been a huge source of inspiration to me.  There have been times when I lacked motivation to keep moving forward and wanted to give up, I would think of your beautiful stories, the miracles and magic.. and I could find the strength to overcome whatever obstacles were placed in my way to reach for my life purpose.

~ KrystaLyze Glass


I just wanted to give you and Nova a special thanks for being sensitive enough to hear and meet my needs at the retreat. It was refreshing to feel validated by two respectable adults who don't know me at all, and I feel more empowered and inspired than ever . . . . I can't thank you enough for doing your work, I hope to see you again one day!

Lauren Gaby


Are you trying to struggle your way through a major life transition on your own? Please, do the most loving thing for yourself and check out Dr. Jinju Dasalla - she is the embodied intersection of intellectual, physical, and emotional intelligences! 

~ Jacqui Becker


Dr. Jinju Dasalla embodies the grace to honor all life as divine blessing.  Her deep rooted compassion and heart felt acceptance of others creates safety and playfulness into the art of living that she masterfully cultivates.  Flowing with her through one-on-one sessions, classes and workshops brings joy and stability to all who encounter her.  It’s my honor to train, work and flow alongside such a vibrantly grounded being as Jinju.

~ Adria Perkins, Founder - Hawaii Yoga Institute  


I didn't know what to expect by taking on a life coach, but Dr Jinju arrived in my life at exactly the moment I needed her. Luckily, my mind was open enough to let her in it because a little piece of her will forever reside there, cheering me on. I can't express how deep and genuine our connection is. She helped guide me through a really positive period of growth and also a rocky period of reflection and helped me redesign my interior world to better suit my life's purpose by inviting me to face my subconscious drives. I've been waking up happier and I'm well on my way towards living my life's purpose out loud. Thank you Jinju, from the bottom of my soul!

Brandon Smith, Honolulu, HI


I just have to take this moment to express my gratitude for Jinju Dasalla. Not only is she one of the most lovely beings I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, she is also a beautiful poi dancer. She’s been my life coach since October last year and I can’t express enough how much her guidance and wise counsel have transformed me and how I process challenges. She is so gifted and I find myself greatly looking forward to each of our sessions. She’s pushed me in areas I had so fearful of and I’m amazed by the amount of self-work and healing I’ve accomplished with her assistance. I love you Jinju.

Caterina Suttin, Austin, TX