We work with women from many different backgrounds - lawyers, professors, accountants, executives, teachers, nurses, researchers, beauty consultants, service workers, therapists, coaches, to name a few - and when we ask them why they attend our journeys and retreats, or do 1-on-1 coaching, we get the same answer:

"I want access to that part of me which has been been asleep for so many years . . . . my feminine essence . . . . without losing my power." 

In essence, the work of NaiAsa (formerly Soul Flow Alchemy), has been to help women unlock, awaken, and access their inner feminine goddess to achieve harmony, balance, joy, and flow in their lives to make their dreams come true, without having to be or act like anyone that they're not. 


Because of the success of our work, we've been asked by female professionals in health, therapy, yoga, coaching, and business in the last few years on how this could be brought to their own clientele. 

Three years in the making, we're happy to present The NaiAsa Institute, an International Institute for Integrated Somatic Education, Coaching and Healing Arts, help women transform their lives by teaching them new paradigms of healing and possibility through education, movement, and neuroscience.

Our goal is not to have as many women as possible to "spread the word". Instead, we're being very selective on whom we want to work with and only want a small number of women to be certified, NaiAsa Institute Somatic Soul Coaches. While mostly virtual, certification will require much study, time, commitment, and financial resources to complete. And for those of you who do . . . .

you will become only a handful of women in the world who'll have the science, skills, and knowledge, taught by a published Ph.D in Neuroscience, to properly and professionally hold space for and take women on a journey to discovering/re-discovering their inner feminine fire. In the process, you'll be joining an exclusive, cross-cultural community of like-minded, powerful Goddesses who have invested in and stewarded the creation of a temple dedicated to the Sacred Feminine, the 1st of its kind in the world.

There is no other other training or coaching program in existence offering this education and exclusive benefits. 

If you're ready to apply, then please go here (link). 


The NaiAsa Institute Training Program

To fly our flag, a candidate must demonstrate knowledge, presentation skills, mastery of flow foundations, applications of learned theories (Lokahi Med Wheel), demonstrate facilitation skills, and create accountability and trust. This 12-month program consists of 5 parts or spirals, as we call them, which each candidate must complete: 


Theory (Air) - candidates will go deep into the neuroscience, philosophies, esoteric writings, history/herstory (Koshas, Lokahi medicine wheel, The Great Cosmic Mother, ancient Vedic scriptures, Yin principles, to name a few) which make up this unique curriculum

Experiential (Earth) - it's important that all candidates not only experience the gift of their own transformation but also see the effects of NaiAsa Institute principles on other women at the next Beauty that Transforms retreat in 2019.

Practicum (Water) - because movement is a core principle in the program, participants will need to demonstrate a command of the NaiAsana™ flow techniques 

The women of this graduating class will be invited to co-facilitate future BTT retreats around the world. 

A portion of the requisite hours can be fulfilled as mentors and guides in the next, Women's Journey as well as the monthly, Global Gathering of Women (both virtual) 

Expression (Fire)  - *** TBD *** Shine your light . . . . your unique expression of all of this . . . . rite of passage (Jinju to elaborate) 

Seva (Spirit) - self-less service of what has been learned into the community 



We will provide more details by the end of Summer 2018! 

Request an application for the program here

The 12-month program encompasses 




You will become only a handful of women in the world who can . . . . 

People everywhere, especially women, are waking up to the fact that the vast majority of models of healing, coaching & yoga are steeped in the masculine energy - mostly created, conducted, and tested by, on, and for MEN. 

(While the traits or energy traditionally viewed as masculine in Western society - strength, courage, independence, violence, and assertiveness -  is most prevalent in men, for sure, many women also exhibit them. Conversely, female traits - gentleness, empathy, sensitivity, feelings, intuition - while mostly in women, is also exhibited by some men. ) 

Most woman, or anyone who aligns more with the feminine energy, sense that something's missing or out-of-balance, and that most philosophies, teachings, practices, beliefs, creations, decisions . . . . originate from the masculine. 

While there have been benefits from this origin, many feel the costs and to society, the planet, to name a few - especially women and children! - have far outweighed it.

Have you ever felt that way? 

If so, then:


We know exactly where you're coming from.

NaiAsa Institute has been birthed in response to the dire need for new paradigms of education and training based in HARMONY of Feminine and Masculine, Yin and Yang, and universal principles.

If you've found yourself on this page then likely means that at your deepest core, regardless of who you are or what profession you have chosen . . . . you're a HEALER.

Welcome (back), friend. You're home and we hope you find and share any and all inspiration you discover here.



This program is devoted to the wisdom that already flows within YOU!




health benefits 


In 2018, SFAI will launch the 1st comprehensive, training program of its kind (see below) geared for coaches, therapists, mental, emotional, and physical health professionals, along with dance, yoga, and flow instructors, to learn and share the flow arts with clients, students, and patients so more people in the world can reap its benefits in the context of healing and transformation. 


"Coupling personal growth and transformational work with the flow arts has been so powerful for me, and for my clients, I can’t imagine these journeys any other way!” 

- past workshop attendee



We're not looking to 

There are 3 parts of the curriculum which each candidate must complete

Experiential - it's important that all candidates experience the gift of their own transformation using SFAI principles at the next Beauty that Transforms retreat here

Theory - candidates will go deep into the neuroscience & philosophies (Koshas, Lokahi medicine wheel, etc.) which make up this unique curriculum (this part will take place in Fall 2018)

Practicum - at this final step, because movement is a core principle in the program, participants will need to demonstrate a command of the flow techniques with the poi and the hoop that will be used to help facilitate transformation (especially if the certification will be used to assist clients) through a mock session (1-on-1 or group)

We will provide more details by the end of Summer 2018! 

Request an application for the program here



  • To explore and grow inside of an evidence- and experience- based curriculum weaving the neuroscience of transformation, flow psychology, yoga, somatics, dance, and play
  • Begin to master the fundamentals of dancing with poi and the hula hoop
  • Release tensions, trauma, and old holding patterns in the body leaving you feeling lighter, stronger, and healthier through a this unique somatic movement practice
  • Get a taste of the art and practice of ontological soul coaching for ourselves and others
  • Benefit from an expanded transformational and healing "toolbox" full of practices and exercises that will support you in cultivating balance, grace and flow
  • Re-harmonize the masculine with the feminine, mind with body, right with left, science with soul, and knowledge with wisdom
  • Enjoy a deeper knowing of your innate and vast beauty, brilliance, and wisdom
  • Learn strategies to develop your intuition, self-trust, and clarity on your life path
  • Engage action-based breakthroughs toward living a life filled with purpose, passion & possibility
  • Be fully supported in awakening your inner fire and living your biggest dreams while having a blast
  • Walk away with new skills, inspiration and insights you can continue to apply to your own life and begin to share with your clients, students, patients, friends and family


*The SFAI model for ontological and somatic coaching weaves modern science, yogic philosophy, indigenous teachings, the elemental medicine wheel, dance, and the flow arts into a dynamic and unique curriculum for transformational learning.