Soul Flow Arts Institute


The word is out . . . . the flow arts as a means to release trauma and create new possibilities has created a greater demand to learn them since the health benefits are many. While thousands are spinning hoops and poi recreationally, very few are bringing the practice into their professional environments. Science is confirming that PLAY is VITAL, not just for personal health, but for organizational health as well. As such, the Soul Flow Arts Institute (SFAI) was created so that individuals can incorporate the flow arts into their personal as well as their professional practices using an evidence- and experience-based framework that goes far beyond learning the latest hoop or poi trick. In 2017, SFAI will launch the 1st comprehensive, training program of its kind (see below) geared for coaches, therapists, mental, emotional, and physical health professionals, along with dance, yoga, and flow instructors, to learn and share the flow arts with clients, students, and patients so more people in the world can reap its benefits in the context of healing and transformation. 


"Coupling personal growth and transformational work with the flow arts has been so powerful for me, and for my clients, I can’t imagine these journeys any other way!” 

- past workshop attendee


With the recent birth of Soul Flow Baby Sekai, Jinju and Nova's first child, most offerings have been put on hold as they are taking time to learn a new flow art and embrace this new precious soul in this world. The next SFAI offering is the Beauty that Transforms Virtual Course in the fall of 2016. Hope you can join!

  • Virtual Courses
  • Workshops
  • Retreats
  • Soul Flow Arts Teacher Training and Coach Certification (see below)




Part 1: Foundations Course

The first step in this training is to take the Foundations Course (Beauty that Transforms Hawaii Retreat). Upon completion of the Foundations Course, you will graduate with a certificate of completion and be designated a SFAI Preferred Affiliate Coach and Instructor and listed on our website. Details of our Preferred Affiliate program coming soon! 

Below is a list of the goals and highlights of this course, however, please see the Beauty that Transforms Retreat page for details and registration! 



  • To explore and grow inside of an evidence- and experience- based curriculum weaving the neuroscience of transformation, flow psychology, yoga, somatics, dance, and play
  • Begin to master the fundamentals of dancing with poi and the hula hoop
  • Release tensions, trauma, and old holding patterns in the body leaving you feeling lighter, stronger, and healthier through a this unique somatic movement practice
  • Get a taste of the art and practice of ontological soul coaching for ourselves and others
  • Benefit from an expanded transformational and healing "toolbox" full of practices and exercises that will support you in cultivating balance, grace and flow
  • Re-harmonize the masculine with the feminine, mind with body, right with left, science with soul, and knowledge with wisdom
  • Enjoy a deeper knowing of your innate and vast beauty, brilliance, and wisdom
  • Learn strategies to develop your intuition, self-trust, and clarity on your life path
  • Engage action-based breakthroughs toward living a life filled with purpose, passion & possibility
  • Be fully supported in awakening your inner fire and living your biggest dreams while having a blast
  • Tantra and the Art of Honoring the Sacred Feminine with Tracy Knowles
  • Transforming Fear into Fuel: A Special Presentation by Nova Dasalla
  • Pilgrimage to Pele Volcano Visit (conditions permitting)
  • FIRE Dance Ceremony and Celebration (Fire is optional and contingent upon weather)
  • EXPRESSION Night & Special Closing Circle
  • Walk away with new skills, inspiration and insights you can continue to apply to your own life and begin to share with your clients, students, patients, friends and family


Can I Attend If I Don’t Want To Be A Coach Or A Teacher?

Yes!  Most participants attend the Beauty that Transforms retreat and program primarily to ignite powerful shifts and transformation in their own lives. Are you ready for a big change? Keep in mind any human being who has a LIFE is qualified to train as a Life Coach. All coaches and teachers must ultimately learn to use their own life experience, intuition and wisdom along with powerful listening and questioning skills to support their client’s goals. Furthermore, the principles can be applied to any business or relationship.

Part 2: Advanced Course, Mentorship and Certification (Launches in 2016!)


Here is a high-level glimpse of the requirements for certification:

  • Beauty that Transforms Advanced Course & Mentorship Program. This VIRTUAL component of the training will allow participants to dive deeper into the concepts of the model* introduced in the Foundations Course. Dates and details TBA soon.
  • 200 HR RYT Training. Final certification is dependent upon completion of a registered 200 HR yoga teacher training program (can be retro-active). 
  • 22 Client Sessions (2 of which are observed with feedback). These coaching sessions must be at least 30 min long and incorporate somatics in a relevant way. 




*The SFAI model for ontological and somatic coaching weaves modern science, yogic philosophy, indigenous teachings, the elemental medicine wheel, dance, and the flow arts into a dynamic and unique curriculum for transformational learning.


How Will This Program Be Different From Other Life Coach Trainings?

• Price 
Many coaching programs cost from $5,000 – $30,000, and grads of these programs do not leave with the skills necessary to begin coaching and making a living. Our program cost will be significantly lower in recognition of the yoga teacher training(s) that you will take if you have not already. 

• Readiness
Every participant will leave ready to coach individuals and incorporate flow arts in any context or setting in a professional manner. Certification is not required (in most cases) to begin coaching clients, professionally.

• Support
We make sure that you have access to SFAI faculty numbers for support, and also add you to the private SFAI Facebook group so you can network with and use your peers as an additional resource.

• Client Referrals
Our program is being created out of need. We have many more interested potential clients than we can get to in any given week. Coaches and flow arts teachers trained by us may receive leads for teaching opportunities and new clients who are ready and willing to purchase services.

• Yoga, the Koshas & the Inner Shaman 
While much of our program is based on scientific principles, many of the principles were also derived from yogic and shamanic philosophy. While we might not prescribe yoga, meditation, or ritual for every client, many clients want that part of her expertise. Thus, this is a wonderful add-on for yoga, dance, flow arts teachers, coaches, and therapists. 

How is Life Coaching Different from Therapy or Consulting?

A life coach is not a therapist or a consultant. Coaches will not give you advice or tell you what to do. You must be willing to take action, declare what you want to the people around you, and be honest with your coach in order to move forward. The purpose of a coaching partnership is to co-create an opening for the client to discover a new way of being without knowing what is possible. It is coupled with the request of the coach to lead us to possibilities that we otherwise cannot see. It involves getting in touch with how moods and emotions affect our choices, how our language creates our reality, and how our bodies can be powerful tools in learning and listening to ultimately shift into a new way of being.


We are proud to bring together extraordinary individuals who serve as experts in their respective fields. We look forward to announcing our amazing faculty soon!